Internet Resources Regarding Gun Violence

The following links are to resources useful to discussions of preventing gun violence,
they do not reflect a single point of view nor a clear solution:

New article relating to the nature of violence, extensive statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:
House of Horrors

Previous list:

Comprehensive PBS News series After Newtown

Florida Statute on Weapons and Firearms

US Department of Justice Quick Reference to Federal Firearms Laws article:  Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts

President Obama's Gun Control Proposal:  Now is the Time article:  Violent Crimes and Handgun Ownership

Brady Compaign position:  Brady Compaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Forbes article:  Leading Cause of Gun Death is Suicide

Forbes article:  
Gun Death Data Points in Both Directions

Collection of USA Today articles:  
Gunfight in America

USA Today article:  Death rates from gun, traffic accidents converging

Washington Post Editorial:  Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States

New York Times article:  Background Checks Are Still Stumbling Block in Gun Law Overhaul

New York Times Editorial:  Rewrite the Second Amendment

Miscellaneous documents