EV3 Programming Tutorial Videos

Here is a list of tutorial videos on the EV3 system.  Each video will open in a new tab.  When finished with the video, close it's tab to return to this page.

Most of the videos are short (except the "Lego EV3 Introduction" which is comprehensive and over 40 minutes long).  These videos were produced by EV3 users who wish to pass on the knowledge they have acquired by experience to ease the path for new learners.          

The Introduction, while long, provides a complete overview of the Mindstorm EV3 system.

The information in lessons 1 - 16 should provide everything we need to do the programming for our challenge.  The Stemcentric series is a more professionally produced tutorial.  You may wish to compare the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. series with the Stemcentric series to decide which you prefer.    

For those with mobile devices, (Android or Apple) the PlayStore has a cute game called Lego Mindstorms Fix Factory which provides some very simple programming experience.

  W.A.F.F.L.E.S.  Tutorial VideosMiscellaneous Tutorial Videos
 1.    Environment Getting Started with Motor Blocks                
 2.    Move Blocks Getting Started with Color Sensor
 3.    Display Sounds & Lights Getting Started with Gyro Sensor
 4.    Start and Wait Blocks Getting Started with Touch Sensor
 5.    Putting It Together - Beginner Getting Started with Ultrasonic Sensor
 6.    An Ode to Simplicity
 7.    Loops and Switches How To Make Your Robot Go Straight
 8.    Wires
 9.    Touch Sensor Lego EV3 Introduction
10.    Motor Stuff
11.    Brick Buttons Stemcentric EV3 Tutorial Series
12.    Light Sensor
13.    Ultrasonic Sensor
14.    Gyro
15.    More Sensors
16.    Putting It Together - Intermediate
17.    Variables and Constants
18.    Arrays
19.    Logic Operations and Math
20.    Round and Compare Blocks
21.    Range Text and Random Blocks

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